Where do you go on a wet and windy Sunday morning in Ballydehob, West Cork, when you need to shoot some engagement photography?

This is the question I faced when I met Janet and Alan for their Engagement shoot that day. To put thing in context, I had just shot two weddings on the trot and this was the only day we all had available so it was now or never.

So, with the rain pelting down, I set about finding a location to shoot. Now, if anyone knows Ireland, Sunday mornings in a small, quiet west cork village are not the best times to find somewhere sheltered and warm for an engagement shoot, the only place open being the local garage/shop. After trying a few places, I spotted a glimmer of hope in the form of a light behind a window in a small pub at the edge of the village. Now, pubs don’t open until 12 or 1pm on a Sunday so I had to knock on the door and beg for an accommodation from the lovely ‘Ban an Tí’ who, at first being naturally hesitant (I’m sure you don’t often get a photographer knocking on your door on a Sunday morning asking to use your pub for a photo shoot), finally let me in.

In the end it was a great engagement shoot and I hope you enjoy some of these pictures from the day. In a lovely little footnote to this story, as a gesture of thanks, Janet and Alan returned to the pub at a later date and presented our host with a framed print of a picture I took of her on that day. Days like this remind you how much there is to love about Ireland!

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